Reagan Ortiz 

I've decided to give my unfiltered self to the public domain. Anyone who knows me in my everyday life, knows that what you get from me is unpredictable, but sure to make you laugh. I also seem to give really good advice, but it comes in really weird forms sometimes. So this is a blog where I hope to impact someone's life in one way or another. If you're looking for a laugh, i'm your girl for the job. I sometimes might talk about politics, food, fashion and beauty, or even sports. Who really knows what content i'll be posting to this website, but lets go on a journey together and discover more about ourselves and the world around us. This is my dramatic life and lets see where this takes us.
Imani Holloman 
I have decided to put my creative thoughts and ideas into actions! I teamed up with Reagan to create a platform where we share our thoughts and opinions on things that matter most to us. I believe that if you are creating content that you love and believe in, then you will create the most important and impactful art there is. Just like Reagan, I will be creating different content on this website; whether it be about food (mostly) or college life, I hope that I can impact someone’s life in any way. As a Communication major with a concentration in Journalism, I hope that all of my skills and techniques will translate into a piece of art that I will continually be proud of.  This is our theatrical lives, and I hope that you will continue down this journey with the both of us!